CRETESEAL 30 is a ready to use, acrylic copolymer designed to cure concrete and provide a durable protective coating for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

CRETESEAL 30 is a water white, fast drying, power sprayable cure and seal with excellent resistance to yellowing. It forms a tough, impervious bond to concrete that is resistant to fresh cement alkalis, salts, most stains and dirt penetration.


CRETESEAL 30 is designed to provide a clear film to promote proper cure and hardening of new concrete and to enhance all concrete surfaces, both new and existing, by developing an abrasion resistant, glossy film. CRETESEAL 30 when applied to exposed aggregate as a sealer prevents premature weathering and enhances the beauty by providing a durable, glossy film. CRETESEAL 30 protects terrazzo floors, concrete tiles, and exposed panels against discoloration caused by efflorescence, dust, air pollutants and spillage of mild chemicals and mild petroleum products. A two coat application on exterior surfaces will minimize the possibility of scaling.


CRETESEAL 30 should be used for the curing, sealing and dust proofing of:
  • Floor Slabs
  • Exterior Pavements
  • Exposed Aggregate Surfaces
  • Concrete Tilt-Up Panels
  • Terrazzo Floors
  • Parking Garages, Walls & Columns

Technical Data Sheet   MSDS