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General Questions

How can I set up an account with RussTech?

Does RussTech accept credit cards?

Does RussTech sell dry (flake) Calcium Chloride?

What are the application guidelines for using Calcium Chloride?

Can I walk in and buy sealer or surface products from RussTech?

What quantity comes on a pallet of sealer?

Surface Products

Are thick coats of surface products better than thin coats?

Why are little blisters or bubbles appearing on the concrete surface where a sealer was applied?

Why are there white milky-looking spots on the concrete surface where a sealer was applied?

Why is the Cure & Seal cracking, flaking up, or curling?

Why has the Cure & Seal coating turned yellow?

Can I put RussTech sealer over an old sealer?

What is the best possible protection for a concrete surface with RussTech surface products?

What is the longest lasting Cure & Seal supplied by RussTech?

Which RussTech products are sprayable through an ordinary pump sprayer?

How long does normal Cure & Seal last?

What can I do to arrest a concrete surface that is dusting?

Does RussTech have a penetrating sealer?

Does RussTech have a form retarder to achieve vertical exposed aggregate surfaces?

How low of a temperature can I apply Cure & Seal?

When during the finishing process should EVRT be applied?

Which surface products will freeze?

What is the correct procedure for recoating Cure & Seal on an old surface?

When is the correct time to apply Cure & Seal on newly placed concrete?

What can I do if the concrete surface is slippery?

What pigmented colors does RussTech have available?

Does RussTech have 15% solids (solvent-based) Cure & Seal?

Will RussTech have Cure & Seal products that meet the requirements for VOC in Indiana and Ohio?

Does RussTech have an environmentally friendly sealer for pervious concrete or any concrete surface?

Is there a surface product that will prevent discoloration marks from plastic or insulated blankets?

How can I prevent crusting and drying shrinkage cracks from occurring while finishing concrete?

How do I remove an old Cure & Seal coating?

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