SRA-157 is a liquid shrinkage-reducing admixture, which can be used, in any Portland cement-based product to significantly decrease drying shrinkage. SRA-157 is not expansive material, but rather functions by blocking capillaries of pore water, which is the major mechanism that causes drying shrinkage in concrete. SRA-157 when added to concrete at a rate of 2 % by weight of cementitious can reduce shrinkage (ASTM C 157) by up to 80% at 28 days of age and by up to 50% at one year of age.


  • High level of shrinkage reduction that can eliminate cracking due to drying shrinkage in restrained concrete
  • Reduces potential for cracking
  • Improves aesthetics
  • Increases water tightness of the mix
  • Improves durability of the concrete
  • Reduces creep and curling of slabs
  • Decreases carbonation at the surface of slabs

Technical Data Sheet  MSDS Application Procedures