CELLCRETE 2080 MBS is a concentrated solution of selected surfactants. When used with a Foam Generator and a suitable water supply, CELLCRETE 2080 MBS produces a consistent pre-foam that is stable under alkaline conditions and suitable for use in the production of foamed concrete. Foamed concrete is the industry term used for the product produced by the controlled addition of a pre-foam to a cement grout or sand/cement mortar. A range of densities can be produced, typically from 20 to 100 lb/ft³. Foamed concrete is lightweight and highly mobile, able to flow for long distances under its own hydraulic head, and is an ideal material for uses such as void filling, roof screeds and trench reinstatement.


  • Produces a consistent, stable pre-foam when used with a Foam Generator
  • Easily controlled addition of pre-foam to pre-batched mortar allows close control of finished density
  • Expensive blending equipment is not required as mixing can be carried out in the drum of a ready mix truck
  • Produces a highly mobile foamed concrete which is easily placed without compaction
  • Foamed concrete retains its volume and does not sink during or after hardening


Typical applications for foamed concrete include but are not limited to the following:

  • Controlled low strength materials
  • Trench filling for permanent, non-stick reinstatement
  • Elimination of fire risks, health hazards and control of progressive collapse in areas such as underground fuel tanks, below railway platforms, old mine workings, sinkholes, industrial remediation, nuclear decommissioning and abandoned sewers
  • As a lightweight thermal insulating material for roof screeds, suspended floors and basements
  • As a semi-structural support in embankments, bridge abutments, tunnels and arches

Technical Data Sheet  MSDS