RussTech concrete admixtures are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients which result in consistent performance and quality.

Admixtures carry a complete warranty with no disclaimers.  RussTech will stand behind all products provided the true cause of any problem is fully researched and determined.

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Accelerators (View All)

  • Calcium Chloride 29% View
  • Fast Set 100HE View
  • LCNC-166 View
  • RUSSTECH RCI (Corrosion Inhibitor) View


Air Entrainment (View All)


Air Detrainment (View All)

  • Air Detrainer-1 View


Masonry Admixtures (View All)


Water Reducers (View All)

Mid-Range Water Reducers (View All)

  • Finishease-NC View
  • FlowSet-2000-NC View


High Range Water Reducers (View All)

  • Superflo 443 View
  • Superflo 2000RMView
  • Superflo 2040RM View
  • Superflo 2000SCC View
  • ExtendFlo X90View


Retarders (View All)


Specialty Products